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16 May 2015

2015 Field Spaniel Society of America Results

Darcy (GCh Winfarthing Pride & Prejudice SH RN WD) 

- Best Veteran in Show
- Award Of Merit (one of only two Black Field Spaniels in Final Cut)
- 1st 9-10 Year Veteran Sweepstakes

Scarlett (Ch Pemberley’s Lady Scarlett)

- Final Cut (One of only two Black Field Spaniels in Final Cut)
- Select Bitch - Trailer Show Supported Entry

Artemis (
Pemberley’s Moonlight Huntress

- Winners Bitch - Trailer Show Supported Entry
- Reserve Winners Bitch - 2nd Trailer Show

14 Feb 2012

Westminster Kennel Club 2012


Darcy Westminster 2012

I am a but speechless right, so will just quickly thank Grace Kofron and her mom Jen for all their hard work in making this happen. As well as breeders Peter Archer an Kay Klein (this is Kay's fifth BOB win at Westminster with a dog she has bred).

Grace and Darcy Winning Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club 

Westminster Sporting Group with Darcy and Grace

Grace also did something that has never been accomplished with a Field Spaniel before, and won THIRD place at the Westminster Junior Competition Finals.  Although the win was ALL Grace, I'm so proud that Darcy got to be a part of her amazing win. 

Grace and Darcy in the Westminster Junior Competition Finals 

11 Feb 2011

Big Apple Sporting Society 2011

Darcy - BEST OF BREED - 3rd Year in a Row

9 Jan 2011

American Spaniel Club 2011


Darcy ASC BOB'11

Thanks to Kristin Karboski and her super helpers, Grace Kofron and Ginni O'Toole for all your hard work.

30 Nov 2010


Teddy X Bunny both welcomed 10 puppies into the world!5 Boys: 3 Liver, 2 Liver & Tan

5 Girls: 4 Liver, 1 Liver & Tan  

Group 2

15 Nov 2010


Bliss x Darcy Puppies - 4 weeks old

Check out the Puppy and Future Litter Pages for Puppy NEWS!

Darcy & Solo: 1 Puppy Born 1st Sept 2010

Darcy & Bliss:4 Puppies Born 13 Sept 2010

Teddy & BunnyPuppies Due THANKSGIVING!


Darcy earns 2 Group 2's under Judges Ms. Michelle Billings & Mrs. Elizabeth Muthard

Darcy Ad Close UP


American Spaniel Club 2010

Fitz - AWARD OF MERIT and Best of Opposite in Sweeps


Darcy - 1st place in Rally Novice

Ember - NEW TITLE in Rally Novice

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