Lil' Ginni

Pemberley's With a Twist of Lime


July 2012


Born: 30 Nov 2010

Sire: AKC Ch Gooseberry's Nite On the Town

Dam:  W-Haven's Centerfold At Pemberley WDI

Owned: Maureen and Daryl Lamoureux

Bred by: SonyaL Haskell

ginni feb 13

Lil' Ginni was born a true runt in every sense of the word. As her breeder, I swore to keep her back as long as it took for me to deem her big and strong enough for her new home. While most of her siblings left for their new homes at 8-10 weeks of age, Ginni stayed with me now for over 8 months. 

She could have gone home many months ago, but truthfully I was not ready to let her go. 

Light Green Head

Born at only 5.2oz, she was by far the smallest puppy in her litter of ten and was deemed by the Vet as a true “ preemie”. Chances of survival are much lower in an unusually large litter such as this, but none more so than for little "Lime" girl whom I could hold in the palm of my hand. 

Day 12 Lime Front

Just one of the many obstacles in her life was fighting for food against 9 siblings who were much, much larger than her. But she is and has aways been able to stand up for herself. And it was with great pleasure I'd watch her latch on to a nipple and HOLD on even while Big Red tried in vain to push her off. 


Ginni is the centre puppy just left of the ball next to her current house mate Pink girl (River)

Diagnosed at an early age with the Puppy form of Megeasophagus, which she developed due to an her underdeveloped digestive tract at the time of her birth, Ginni soon faced the second hurdle in her life and caught pneumonia at only three weeks of age, a practical death sentence. It may have been the worst week of my life, but she was as amiable and social as always. I can honestly say this puppy has NEVER given up a day in her life. 

Group 2

Ginni, far right with lime collar. 

Even later on when she was the obvious puppy to pick on, Ginni would always stand her ground. On top of all this, she has to be one of the most well socialized puppies I have ever had due to her being handled so often as small puppy. 


Lil' Ginni being held by bigger Ginni :) 

She barely bats an eye at small children or vaccumes, she is calm all the time and wants nothing more than to cuddle in your lap (or be carried around). 


And while she may be little, Ginni plays extremely very well with dogs of all sizes. 

Week 10 Lime Front

She is still growing every day and is no longer 1/4 the size of her sister, but has caught up a lot in weight. She will never be a full sized Field Spaniel (earning her the nickname "Pocket Field" at a young age).  

But she is still sturdy enough to be be rough and tumble. 

Ginni new dress

Miss Ginni is also a very seasoned traveler, having driven with me across the US and Canada for Dog Shows with her mother. She is quiet in the car, and has learnt to sleep the long trips away. 

Princess Ginni

princess ginni

ginni lounge

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